From Mud To The Moon is a shining example of the invention and innovation in obscure 1980s indie music trapped like insects in amber on dead formats like the flexi disc and the cassette tape. Sign up to the SideCartel newsfeed for details of further ferric excavations circa 1986.


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the SideCartel's handy eBook format guide

It's the freeway or no way
Of course this is not exhaustive, however, ePub works with most reading devices. Kindle software is a free app for your phones, tablets, computers 'phablets' (Walt Disney just told me that one!) as are eBook library managers like Calibre, and you can always fall back to a PDF which is still great free software.

Device Format
Kindle azw, mobi
iPad ePub
Desktop / Laptop PDF
Kindle Reader Software (available for mac/pc/iphone/ipad/android) azw / mobi


This is true in November 2012